May 24, 2005


Democrats Capitulate . . . Again


After all the bluster and shadow boxing was over, President Bush got his way. Under the terms of a “compromise,” three of Bush’s worst nominees will be voted on and they will likely be confirmed. And what did the Democrats get in return? They got to keep the right to filibuster, provided they promise not to use it!


That’s right. The Democrats got nothing. And what will happen when even more disgusting candidates are brought up as nominees for the Supreme Court? The Republicans will simply roll out the threat of the “nuclear option” once again, since nothing in the so-called “compromise” prohibits them from doing that.


Once again this demonstrates the need for mass popular movement of resistance. Without the kind of mass upsurge that we witnessed in the 1960s, there is nothing that will prevent the current threatening dynamic from continuing. This is why we called on people to go to Washington, and make their presence felt in the streets. The world can’t wait any longer. We need to be about the business of driving the Bush regime from power.


C. Clark Kissinger