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Active supporter of SNCC (1960)
Co-founder of POLIT, University of Chicago (1961)
Joined Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) (1962)
Chairman of the Wisconsin Socialist Club, U. of Wisc. (1963)
National Secretary of SDS (1964-65)
Organized the first March on Washington Against the Vietnam War (1965)
Spoke at anti-war rally in Madison Square Garden (1965)
Anti-war candidate for Alderman, Chicago (1967)
Chaired nat'l conference of the Student Mobilization Committee (1968)
Covered the Chicago Police Riots for the National Guardian (1968)
Attended Hemispheric Conference to End War in Vietnam (1968)
Testified in the Chicago Eight Conspiracy Trial (1969)
Attended national RYM-II conference in Atlanta (1969)
Worked closely with the Black Panther Party in Chicago (1968-1971)
Attended the Revolutionary People's Constitutional Convention (1970)
Visited China during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1972, 1975)
Vice-Chairman, U.S.-China Peoples' Friendship Association (1974)
Supported Bob Avakian's work to build a real communist party in the U.S.
Led delegation to Tehran during the 1979 seizure of the U.S. Embassy
Organized national conference on the nature of the Soviet Union (1983)
Went to Germany in late 1983 to protest new U.S. nuclear missiles
An initiator of No Business As Usual in 1985
Was a founder of Refuse & Resist! in 1987
Co-founder of the Washington, DC, abortion clinic defense
Organized the first national conference against the "War on Drugs" (1989)
Worked to defend prisoners of the 1992 Los Angeles Rebellion
Contributing writer for the Revolution newspaper
Organized national conference in 2000 to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
Served 3-month federal sentence for a speech outside the 2000 RNC
Coordinator of the 2002 "Not In Our Name" statement of conscience
Initiated 2004 demonstrations at Supreme Ct on "enemy combatant" cases
An initiator of the campaign to Drive Out the Bush Regime (2005)
Convener of the Int'l Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity
       Committed by the Bush Administration of the United States (2006)
Organized demonstration of waterboarding outside the Justice Dept (2007)
Organized emergency town hall meeting against Israeli attack on Gaza (2009)
Business manager of Revolution Books NYC (2014-2021)
Volunteer staff Revolution Books NYC (2022- )

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